Our work. We never take it for granted. Not even for a second… We just can’t.

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center is one of the finest county hospitals in America, provider of care to 1 in 4 valley residents. It’s home to San Jose’s only top level trauma center, and offers world-class specialty and primary care services that make the long-delayed dream of health care equality a possibility. Only the institutions in charge of providing clean drinking water do more to protect the health of residents of this valley.

But for all its awards and accolades, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center relies deeply on community support to thrive. Cities and Counties across this country have seen their safety net health systems wither and shutter from neglect and forces beyond their control. The result often has life and death consequences for vulnerable populations: children, the elderly, the disabled and those with chronic illnesses. But not here.

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center stands for the proposition that no matter how much money you earn, what kind of job you have or what language you speak at home, you will always have access to the healthcare you need. And for decades, SCVMC has been acting on that mission. It is a testament to the values and people of this region that here in Silicon Valley, a land of perceived plenty where so many struggle to make ends meet, we fight to take care of our own.

At the VMC Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded in 1988 as the community fundraising arm for SCVMC, we live and breathe this mission each day. We believe that partnering with the community is the best way to keep our safety net strong. At SCVMC, donors will find that their dollars can go farther and have more impact on the communities and causes they care about most. Here, philanthropy drives innovation and efficiency. We’re helping the safety net become self-sustaining. Please join us.

Whether you are a Fortune 500 company looking to make a strategic investment in your community, or a former patient who wants to give back, we want to hear from you. The VMC Foundation operates programs and funds supported entirely by donors to benefit nearly every part of SCVMC, from pediatrics to rehab to trauma services. We can work with you to direct your donation to have the maximum impact.

To learn more, connect with us on social media, email or give us a call at 408-885-5299.