A vote for Sue, for Turning Wheels, and for $25,000!

Sue Runsvold, RN, Nurse Manager at Valley Medical Center, founded Turning Wheels with an idealistic team of volunteers.

As one election winds down, it’s time to ramp up another. It’s fun and easy, and if you help and spread the news, we could raise $25,000 for a program we all know and love: Turning Wheels for Kids!

The founder of Turning Wheels, Sue Runsvold, RN, has been named a “Woman of Worth” by L’Oreal. Well, those of us who know Sue already KNEW that, but now the world can know…and if enough of us vote, we help Sue provide even more new bikes to kids who would otherwise never have one.

Again, the winner’s charity gets $25,000…and you can vote once a day until November 22.

Turning Wheels is really making a difference. Let’s all make a difference for Sue by voting for her here. If your employer blocks websites like this, just forward this email to your private account and vote later. Thanks…and again, spread the word!

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