A new troubling study on our health…

What do you suppose makes the biggest difference to your health? Genes? Kicking the cigarette habit?

These things are important, sure, but according to a groundbreaking new study done by our own Public Health Department, racism you experience and where you live are MORE important.

Troubling? You bet it is. I’ve been fighting racism and injustice where I see it for a long time, and if this study (done in partnership with The Health Trust) doesn’t get make you as mad as it does me, then I’m sorry for you.

The way people treat you based on the color of your skin, and the amount of money you make, and the neighborhood you live in have a dramatic effect on your health. This is unfair, and as a society we need to figure out what to do about it…at least that’s how I feel.

Check out the study here, and let me know your reaction to it.

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