A new baby at VMC!

First, because not everyone reads the Mercury News (but should) on weekends, a very compelling letter from a local hero supporting Measure A on Saturday:

Measure A is a matter of life and death

Measure A is the single most important issue on the ballot in Santa Clara County this November. Every day, police officers and firefighters dispatch ambulances to Valley Medical Center for patients to receive lifesaving trauma services at Valley Medical Center’s Level 1 trauma and burn centers.

Regardless of where a person lives in Santa Clara County, chances are they will be taken to Valley Medical Center in the event of a serious accident or emergency, and they would definitely end up in Valley Medical Center’s burn center in the event of serious fire and burn injuries.

Measure A is a matter of life and death, and that’s why public safety personnel and organizations urge you to vote yes on Measure A.

Art Marshall
President Santa Clara County Firefighters

…and another on Sunday, from a young Saratogan…what this letter doesn’t tell you is that Marie crashed her car on graduation day:

Pass Measure A so VMC is here for you

I crashed my Volvo on Highway 9 in Saratoga and the only thing I can remember is lying on the ground next to my open car door. I was rushed to Valley Medical Center’s trauma unit. The paramedics were concerned that I might have serious internal injuries. Had Valley Medical Center not been around, there is a very good chance I would have not had the immediate care I needed. With Measure A appearing on the ballot in a couple of weeks, I know how lucky I was to have VMC to care for me after my accident.

Please vote yes on A so that Valley Medical Center will be here for you or your family members when you need it most.

Marie Stark

These letters and others like it are appearing in newspapers every day around Silicon Valley – read your local papers and see!

What I wanted to share with you is that my friend DeAnn had her first baby this week at VMC! After thirty hours of labor, she had a C-section, and 9-pound Zachary was brought into the world!

De shared with me that the whole time she was in pre-natal care, right on up through the birth, she was treated like a princess by the team at VMC. This of course is no surprise to me or you, the alert reader, but it is a surprise to many who still don’t get that VMC is probably the safest place to have a baby in Silicon Valley. Congratulations, De and Jamie, on the new addition to your family!

Incidentally, the morning of Zachary’s arrival, I was touring a group of young First 5 staff members through VMC, and we shared an elevator ride to up to Labor/Delivery with Dr. Steve Harris, our chair of pediatrics. One of the young staff members, she herself expecting a child, asked if we could see the “nursery” where all the babies could be viewed through the window.

Dr. Harris smiled. “We don’t do it like that anymore,” he explained. “As soon as we can, we want the babies right there with their moms.”

And so it was when I visited De…just hours after a C-section, Zachary was right there in the room with her, gurgling away happily. The way it should be.

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  1. Gary/Marlena
    Gary/Marlena says:

    Hi Chris,

    I’m a resident of Mtn View and in 2003 we voted for Measure D, a bond for the amount of $148,000,000 to make seismic upgrades to El Camino Hospital. It costs property owners within the hospital district $12.90 per $100,000 of their property’s assessed value each year for up to forty years. The hospital district included many, but not all, precincts in Los Altos, Mtn View and Sunnyvale (e.g. only 56% of Sunnyvale precincts were included).

    I can understand that the VMC is an important piece of the trauma center network in Santa Clara county. However, I don’t understand why the cost of a medical center in San Jose was tacked on. Shouldn’t that be funded locally, as in the case El Camino Hospital’s Measure D? My in-laws live in Santa Clara and use El Camino Hospital services, but they’re not paying the Measure D tax.

    Also, I did not see a proposed end to the tax. Thirty years? Forty years? Or is it open ended?


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