Stem cell transplant at VMC makes history

Jake stem cell

photo by Julie Haener, KTVU

Last week, Jake Javier became the 5th person in the world to receive ten million stem-derived cells directly into his spinal cord, in a trial that the VMC Foundation has helped move forward.

Led by VMC’s renowned Rehabilitation Center, the trail is a result of years of work that has made Santa Clara County’s safety-net hospital a focal point for stem cell research.

While much is still to be learned, VMC physicians hope to blaze a trail to a future where stem cells can treat diseases and injuries that at present have no cure.  From paralysis to brain injuries, the potential use of these therapies are vast.  VMC will continue to lead, and the Foundation – through fundraising and administrative support – will be part of the team to help make it happen.

For more information on the trail, visit the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine website here.