Dancing With the CARS – September 12!

As I’m sure you know, we here at the VMC Foundation like to have a big, formal, opulent gala every fall…except this one.

Oh – we’ll have a huge party all right, but it won’t be stuffy, or formal. Leave the penguin suit at home and come to the most FUN event of the year: Dancing with the CARS.
Club Auto Sport in San Jose is hosting us, featuring some of the world’s rarest and most amazing cars you’ve ever seen…including my favorite pictured above. Yes, they have a Bugatti there and it’s so pretty my knees get weak.

But even if cars aren’t your thing, we’ll have amazing food by Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme (like last year), world-class wine by Burrell School Vineyards (a returning sponsor), fabulous dance music from David DuMont’s Li’l Big Band (back again) and something new: Cirque performers to astound and amaze.

And auction items. And prizes. And race car simulators. Kids will even enjoy this party, and in a shocking show of non-stuffyness, we’ve lowered the ticket price to $149 each – down from previous years, and well worth it for the fun you’ll have.

So make plans, and get your tickets here. There are still some larger sponsorship opportunities as well, which could be beneficial to your organization and to the VMC Foundation. Of course, give us a ring at 408-885-5299 with any detail questions.

129 miles and 15 BIG hearts!

In another example of “this is so amazing I’m nearly speechless”, I give you this year’s Turning Wheels for Kids’ DEATH RIDE team!

The team is led by VMC Foundation’s Board Chair, Leah Toeniskoetter…she rode the Death Ride three years ago, and has grown the team since then. This year, the group you see will embark on one of the hardest bike rides in the nation: 129 miles, 15,000 feet of elevation change – all in one day. It’s not called The Death Ride lightly – Team TWFK is seriously risking a lot by attempting to finish this race.

Why on earth would they do this, other than “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger?” Well, turns out they’re all raising money for one of the VMC Foundation’s most inspiring program, consider a gift to support the team’s amazing ride, which they’ll be undertaking this Saturday!

GO Leah, Go Dan, Go John…GO TEAM TWFK!!!

To all giving “Booster Shots”…some national exposure!

Many of you know that we’ve recently launched a new campaign at the VMC Foundation called Give a Booster Shot. The plan is to encourage employees of the Santa Clara Valley Health & Hospital System to support us, and I’ve recently been asked how it’s going.

Well, how about this:

I was contacted by a corporation called Tonic, whose website is dedicated to spreading “good news” around the globe. The asked me to tell the “Booster Shot” story, which I have done – click here to read just how it’s going…you may be amazed.

I know I was.

And if you are a “Booster Shot” donor, congratulations…you have made international news, and given a big bit of publicity to our medical center. Your next task: Help us spread the word and drive traffic to Tonic!