In case you missed our Earth Day celebration…

Valley Medical Center did Earth Day 2009 up right with a historic launch of our solar panels…and nearly 1,000 people were on hand for the fiesta.

If you weren’t able to attend, below is the next best thing. If your employer blocks videos, send this to your private account and watch from home. A huge thanks to Michael Elliott, VMC Foundation’s Director of Program Development and Videography.

Join us Wednesday and MAKE HISTORY!

Hot enough for ya?

This week brings weather warm enough to fry an egg…or help save the planet, in the case of Valley Medical Center.

Join us at 2pm this Wednesday, EARTH DAY, on top of our parking deck for a history-making event: We’re activiting our solar panels – 2,288 of them to be exact – and ushering in a new era of efficiency and environmentalism at YOUR public hospital.

Free ice cream, music, VMC Foundation water (in compostable bottles!), and Valley VIP’s including Tom Werner, CEO of Sunpower (they make the solar panels). I know I’ve mentioned this event before, but this will truly be one to tell your grandkids about…

…when they ask you what our generation did to save the earth.

I know I feel pretty darn proud to work for an organization that takes energy conservation seriously. Oh – and it will be FUN, too – hope to see you there!

The chilling cost of budget cuts – life hanging in the balance

When the leadership of Santa Clara County and The Santa Clara Valley Health & Hospital System decided to spend 20 million dollars on
So what does this mean? VMC just expanded its cancer care. With our new Sobrato Cancer Center, we’re serving more people than ever before…we’re still hurting, but we’re still here.

What if our county leadership hadn’t done this? The results could have been devastating, as it is today in Las Vegas. If you saw 60 Minutes last week, you know what I’m talking about. University Medical Center just closed their cancer clinic due to budget cuts.

It’s worth ten minutes to watch this, seriously:
Watch CBS Videos Online

Their patients see it as a death sentence, though many are trying to get area hospitals to take them…and they are searching further and further from Las Vegas. Soon, we expect, some may knock on Valley Medical Center’s door.

And VMC will answer. Thanks, county leadership. Thanks, Deloitte.

Here comes the Sun (Power)!

Earth Day 2009 will be extra-special at Valley Medical Center, and YOU are invited to be a part of it! The 50-second video below provides a sneak preview, but here are the details in print form:

Valley Medical Center invites you to Earth Day 2009
Wednesday, April 22, 2pm
Main Parking Garage, top floor, corner of Moorpark and Turner Drive in San Jose

We will be officially powering up our new Solar panels!
Join Silicon Valley VIP’s, elected officials, and dedicated staff of your public hospital as we turn on our massive new photovoltaics – the first of their kind in Silicon Valley!

Free ice cream + healthier snacks while they last, music, and the spirit that says “VMC is GOING GREEN!”

Please do join us for this historic day – we’d love to have you there for this celebration. For more info, visit and of course, if your employer blocks YouTube, send this to your private email.