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You can imagine the confusion. You wake up in an unfamiliar room and begin putting the pieces together. And then it hits you…you’re in a hospital. But why?

That’s exactly what happened to 55 year-old San Jose resident Mike Davis. Mike, a real estate appraiser and avid musician, recalls his last memory. “Our band had just finished performing at a Los Gatos winery and I was driving home. I remember there was a basketball game on the radio…but then nothing after that.” 

The next day, worried because they hadn’t heard from him, Mike’s bandmates and his girlfriend, Bernette, converged on his home. Their worst fears were realized when they found Mike lying unconscious on his bathroom floor. They immediately dialed 911.

Emergency personnel on the scene were adamant…time was critically important and Mike needed immediate trauma care. They explained Santa Clara Valley Medical Center had the only Level I Trauma unit in San Jose, and they would be rushing Mike there. VMC doctors quickly assessed that Mike would need immediate surgery to relieve the pressure caused by an intracerebral bleed, a rare type of stroke occurring in only 15% of all stroke patients.

I’m sure you can agree…when minutes, or even seconds, count for you or someone you love, it’s good to know that VMC’s world-class care is close at-hand. Our doors are open to you.

This holiday season, remember that none of us ever really knows when we’ll need to be rushed to a trauma center with no warning at all. Please help us give more patients, like Mike, a second chance. Thank you for all you can donate.

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We’re thrilled to announce that local philanthropist and VMC Foundation board member, Joe Parisi, has offered an extraordinary $50,000 dollar-for-dollar match to help us reach our goals in this season of giving. Your gift today can do Double-the-Good when you take advantage of Joe’s generosity!


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Update on Mike’s treatment and recovery…

Fortunately, Mike’s condition stabilized at VMC. It took a few days of careful monitoring but, once awake, doctors moved Mike from the medical ICU to VMC’s world-class brain injury rehabilitation unit. There he received physical, occupational, and speech therapies. After a month at VMC, Mike was ready to return home.

Today, Mike is driving, back at work, and playing his drums. In fact, he jokes that friends say he’s playing even better than before his stroke! And Mike reports happily that he and Bernette were married in July.

Every day, VMC helps patients like Mike get a second chance. We rely on your donations, so please contribute today. Your gift will go twice as far as you help us meet the $50,000 match provided by local philanthropist and VMC Foundation board member, Joe Parisi. Thank you for your gift!

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